11 Avengers You Did not Know Beat the Juggernaut

Juggernaut has had many foes in his many years as a serious comedian e-book character, usually dealing with off towards the X-Males and the Unimaginable Hulk – and, much less generally, the Avengers. Whereas Earth’s Mightiest Heroes may not be thought-about Juggernaut’s normal enemies, they’ve achieved a powerful job of beating him previously. Even obscure members who have not been with the workforce lengthy have managed to attain stunning victories.

Whereas Juggernaut was first seen as an antagonist to the X-Males, Juggernaut shouldn’t be truly a mutant. Juggernaut obtained his powers via the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, which granted him the talents of superstrength and sturdiness, mystical armor, and ‘magic momentum’ which makes him unstoppable as soon as he picks up sufficient velocity. These powers make him an virtually unstoppable drive, and he is used to tangling with powerhouses like Thor and Hulk – which makes it all of the extra stunning that these much less highly effective Avengers managed to beat him.

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11 Pink Hulk

red hulk vs colossus juggernaut

Through the time that Colossus (aka Piotr Rasputin) was remodeled into Juggernaut, he went toe to toe with Pink Hulk in Kieron Gillen and Greg Land’s Uncanny X-Males #11. At first, it looks like Juggernaut will defeat Pink Hulk, throwing himself into the battle with relish. Colossus channels increasingly of Cyttorak’s energy, rising his measurement and taking up a monstrous kind to win. Nonetheless, Juggernaut realizes that the extra energy is warping his thoughts, and tempting him to destroy the X-Males’s island residence within the ensuing battle. Gaining some readability, he surrenders to Pink Hulk, permitting Thunderbolt Ross to strike a profitable blow. In consequence, Pink Hulk is victorious.

Whereas the battle was not fully matched since Juggernaut mainly let him win, Pink Hulk is the sort of fighter who’s joyful to name a victory a victory. The story made it clear how Juggernaut’s powers include a toll on his thoughts, and that the host of the facility is perhaps higher off accepting a loss than sacrificing others to win.

10 Physician Voodoo

doctor voodoo vs juggernaut

In Jim Zub, Sean Izaakse, and Juanan Ramírez’s Uncanny Avengers #29, Physician Voodoo opens a can of worms when he by chance summons Juggernaut to the ailing Avengers Mansion whereas invoking Cyttorak’s magic. Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Wasp, Synapse, and Dr. Voodoo work collectively to attempt to beat him. Nonetheless, efforts from Rogue, Quicksilver, and Synapse are unsuccessful, and Juggernaut virtually kills the latter hero. When all different strategies show to be futile, Physician Voodoo makes use of his magic to enhance Juggernaut’s armor to the purpose the place he cannot transfer. Physician Voodoo then teleports the villain away, ignoring his pleas to be returned to jail. It was one of many smartest wins over the Juggernaut ever, as Physician Voodoo realizes that he cannot overpower his foe, however he can flip his presents towards him.

9 Spider-Girl

spider-woman vs juggernaut

In Chris Claremont and Steve Leialoha’s Spider-Girl #38, printed in 1981, the titular character fought not simply Juggernaut however two of his malevolent compatriots as effectively. Juggernaut together with Black Tom Cassidy and Siryn framed Spider-Girl for Vibranium theft and tried to flee justice on a derelict ship. Nonetheless, Colossus, Storm, and Angel of the X-Males assist Spider-Girl thwart the villain’s escape. Whereas Black Tom Cassidy and Siryn are simply accosted, Juggernaut is harder. With the X-Males’s assist, Spider-Girl blasts him into the water, taking away his conventional benefits and resulting in him drifting out to sea. Spider-Girl’s win exhibits that heroes needn’t beat Juggernaut in a fist battle – eradicating his footing is a simple option to flip the tables.

8 Wolverine

wolverine vs juggernaut

In Wolverine: Black, White & Blood #3‘s ‘Burn,’ John Ridley and Jorge Fornes current a narrative of Juggernaut crashing right into a bar the place Wolverine and Cosmic Ghost Rider are ingesting. Whereas neither has the uncooked may to beat Juggernaut, Wolverine realizes that – hailing from an alternate future the place Thanos eradicated all life – Cosmic Ghost Rider’s chains are comprised of Cyttorak’s bones. This makes them proof against Juggernaut’s powers, and Wolverine trusses him as much as be arrested.

This isn’t the one time Wolverine has defeated Juggernaut, additionally beating him in Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen’s Worry Itself #7 when each have been enhanced by Asgardian magic. Wolverine’s claws could also be ineffective towards Juggernaut’s armor, however he reliably finds the best weapon to come back out forward.

7 Hyperion

hyperion vs juggernaut

In Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness’ Heroes Reborn Vol 2 #1, Hyperion takes on ‘Physician Juggernaut’ – a model of Physician Doom who has develop into the newest Juggernaut. Regardless of Doom additionally understanding magic, Hyperion makes brief work of the battle. Nonetheless, followers already knew that Hyperion may pulverize Juggernaut – in Jeff Parker and Kev Walker’s Thunderbolts #153, Hyperion takes on the whole workforce, shattering the unique Juggernaut’s knee in order that he cannot achieve any momentum. Hyperion would have killed Juggernaut together with his warmth imaginative and prescient if the remainder of the workforce hadn’t stepped in, ganging up on Marvel’s Superman in the way in which solely villains can.

6 Venom

venom vs juggernaut

In Ann Nocenti and Kelley Jones’ Venom: The Insanity #3, the Deadly Protector takes on the Unstoppable Pressure. Going down within the early ’90s when Venom’s fame was at its peak, not solely does the symbiote handle to throw Juggernaut round, however to completely scare him off. Juggernaut loses by fleeing in terror, regardless of being the much more highly effective determine by most metrics. After all, Venom was so iconic on the time that Marvel even had him preventing Superman, so the long run Secret Avengers member was carrying some fairly heavy plot armor of his personal.

5 Physician Unusual

doctor strange vs juggernaut

In Physician Unusual: Sorcerer Supreme #44, by Roy Thomas and Geof Isherwood, the titular hero is captured by Cyttorak himself. Pondering shortly, Unusual summons Juggernaut to assist him, and the supervillain truly assaults his mystic patron and steals the supply of his energy. After all, Juggernaut immediately activates the hero, beating him badly. Unusual turns the tables by hurling Cyttorak’s energy supply again into his possession, unleashing the Juggernaut’s enraged ‘boss’ to take him down. Because the Sorcerer Supreme, Physician Unusual is used to invoking magical beings like Cyttorak to battle for him, however that is probably the most literal method he is ever achieved so.

Unusual additionally allies with – and is betrayed by – Juggernaut in Roy Thomas and Gene Colan’s Physician Unusual #18, primarily repeating his trick by invoking Eternity to cope with the mixed menace of Juggernaut and Nightmare.

4 Captain Universe

captain universe vs juggernaut

Beneath the human host of William Nguyen, Captain Universe swears revenge on Juggernaut in Roger Stern and Lee Weeks’ The Wonderful Spider-Man #627. After Juggernaut was answerable for mainly destroying his life, Nguyen – now the newest model of Captain Universe – is set to kill him, knocking Juggernaut out chilly. Fortunately, Spider-Man steps in to assist earlier than the killing blow. Contending with two superpowered beings, Captain Universe nonetheless manages to take them each. Fortunately for the Juggernaut, the Enigma Pressure abandons Nguyen as soon as he chooses searching for revenge over stopping a close-by catastrophe, stopping the killing blow. On this case, Captain Universe was merely out of Juggernaut’s league, being considered one of Marvel’s strongest beings.

3 Skaar

Hulk Son Skaar vs Juggernaut Comic Fight

Hulk has defeated Juggernaut many occasions, and in coaching his son Skaar, he sought the villain out for a battle. In Greg Pak and Ariel Olivetti’s The Unimaginable Hulk #602, the Hulk bombs Juggernaut’s home to attract him out. Initially shedding, Skaar is nearly overcome by Juggernaut. That’s till the Darkish Avenger resorts to some underhanded techniques. Skaar appeals to Juggernaut’s sympathy by remodeling out of his gamma kind, regaining his youngster kind and begging the villain to not harm him. This lowers Juggernaut’s defenses, permitting Skaar a window to knock him out. Nonetheless, when the blow shouldn’t be sufficient to beat him, he and Juggernaut make a truce… which Skaar breaks instantly. Blindsided, Juggernaut is hurled into open area and defeated. Whereas he is amongst Marvel’s strongest villains, Juggernaut won’t ever be the neatest, and soiled tips are a great way to take him down – as the ultimate two entries on this checklist show.

2 Deadpool

deadpool riding juggernaut

In Gerry Duggan and Mike Hawthorne’s Despicable Deadpool #298, an enormous worth on Wade Wilson’s head tempts Juggernaut – who’s lengthy had beef with the Regeneratin’ Degenerate – to strive his luck. Nonetheless, Deadpool is greater than prepared for Juggernaut, first hitting him with a truck out of nowhere, then dousing him in concrete. It is a humiliating loss for Juggernaut, and exhibits simply how a lot preparation can change the course of a battle – and the way a lot he depends on his magic momentum to win the day.

1 Spider-Man

juggernaut vs spider-man

Spider-Man could also be sturdy, however he has nowhere close to the extent of muscular energy as Juggernaut. This makes Spidey’s victory over the Juggernaut an sudden shock. In truth, he reliably beats Juggernaut. That is evident way back to their first assembly. Beginning in Roger Stern and John Romita Jr.’s The Wonderful Spider-Man #229, Spider-Man will get off to a rocky begin in spite of everything his assaults are unsuccessful – his webs slip off Juggernaut’s armor, and even after a gasoline truck crashes into him, the villain is unhurt. Nonetheless, Spider-Man is sensible sufficient to lure Juggernaut right into a constructing website, inflicting him to ‘drown’ in moist cement. Juggernaut has famous it as his most humiliating and traumatizing loss, as he was trapped for over a month, and he retains a worry of being trapped from the expertise (one thing that made all the opposite losses right here sting even worse)

Juggernaut’s energy can appear unbeatable, however his mystic skills imply there are various methods to defeat him. Whether or not by tricking him, bringing the best weapon, or utilizing his energy towards him, every of those Avengers scored a victory towards the Juggernaut, even when the occasions he was punched out by Hulk have a tendency to stay in followers’ minds slightly higher.