Two-Face has discovered Batman’s secret identification and makes use of the knowledge to threaten Bruce Wayne in a preview for Detective Comics #1069.

Detective Comics #1069 comes from author Ram V, artists Dexter Soy, Stefano Raffaele and Miguel Mendonca, colorist Adriano Lucas and letterer Ariana Maher. In a preview for the difficulty, Two-Face/Harvey Dent has taken Batman to the Ten-Eyed Man after the Darkish Knight was significantly injured in a battle with a werewolf within the earlier problem. The Ten-Eyed Man will get Batman to get up, then resulting in a second the place Two-Face reveals he is aware of Batman’s secret identification. “You hear that, Bruce?” the villain says. “There’s an entire lotta unhealthy information lookin’ for us on the market.”

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Whereas Two-Face promptly dismisses himself after revealing he is aware of Bruce’s secret, he takes a second to warn Batman to not come after him anytime within the close to future. “You ever attempt to ‘repair’ me or ‘save’ Harvey by ripping the 2 of us aside…I am going to go after everybody and anybody you have ever cared about,” he says. I am going to actually take my time with them. Make them undergo.”

How Did Two-Face Study Batman’s Secret Identification?

In earlier Detective Comics points, Harvey — who already knew that Bruce was Batman however saved it a secret from his alternate self — was contaminated with a substance referred to as Azmer that the mysterious Orgham household has been utilizing to take management of Gotham Metropolis. When Harvey discovered Batman nearing his deathbed in Detective Comics #1068, the Azmer prevented him from doing something about it or interfering. Two-Face, nevertheless, may overpower the Azmer and agreed to avoid wasting Batman solely after Harvey instructed him that Bruce Wayne is basically the Darkish Knight. Whereas Harvey refers to Batman as “Bruce” and “outdated pal” in Detective Comics #1068, Batman is unconscious on the time and solely realizes that Two-Face now is aware of his best secret within the Detective Comics #1069 preview.

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The synopsis for Detective Comics #1069 reads, “Batman investigates the frozen Azmer that Mr. Freeze gave him, and makes an enormous discovery concerning the historical demons. In the meantime, Azmer start to pour into Gotham’s streets, controlling helpless individuals and people poor souls the town cares not for…all to do the Orghams’ bidding. Then, within the backup story, what sort of deal have the Orghams struck with Mr. Freeze, and is he additionally managed by an Azmer?”

Detective Comics #1069 options cowl artwork by Evan Cagle and variant cowl artwork by J.H. Williams III, Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, Brad Anderson and Coleen Doran. The difficulty releases Feb. 28, 2023, from DC.

Supply: DC