Home of Dragon Season 1’s Craziest Theories

Editor’s Notice: The next comprises spoilers for Home of the Dragon Season 1 and the ebook Hearth & Blood. With new Home of the Dragon episodes now not airing, followers have taken it upon themselves to discover a approach again into Westeros by theories. Understanding the occasions of Season 1, they try and predict future twists or determine the secrets and techniques hidden within the present. However not all fan theories are made equal. Whereas some could match with the present even when they aren’t fully correct, others are an enormous leap. So it is time to examine the wildest theories which have surfaced to this point and the way properly they match with what’s already established.

The Grand Maester Killed Aemma and The Child

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To start with of the season, Queen Aemma (Sian Brooke) dies giving beginning to a prince, who does not survive both. The scene gives a traumatic have a look at what birthing is with out medical developments. As Aemma says, “the childbed is [women’s] battlefield.” On the earth, it’s common for the lady to die within the course of, however there may have been extra to this case. Grand Maester Mellos (David Heroic) says there isn’t any strategy to save Aemma, and they can save the kid in the event that they act quick. In fact, the kid is not saved. Whereas it’s fully believable for this to occur, some followers have a darker opinion of it.


That is solely the most recent addition to the long-held maester conspiracy idea, which states that the maesters of the citadel wish to rid Westeros of magic. And who has extra magic than the Targaryens? Orchestrating these deaths may have been part of the maesters’ plans, or Maester Mellos simply seized the chance when he noticed it. Both approach, if the maester was behind it, it was environment friendly. He may don’t have any approach of realizing that this occasion would result in a battle of succession, many extra casualties, and the eventual extinction of dragons. But when his objective was to eradicate magic, this was a giant step in the suitable route. Home of the Dragon contains a number of allusions to the maester conspiracy, so whereas it is loads to soak up, this is not essentially the most outlandish idea.

Aemond is the Father of Helaena’s Youngsters

Ewan Mitchell as Aemond Targaryen and Phia Saban as Helaena in House of the Dragon
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This in style idea hinges on the truth that Helaena (Phia Saban) is nearer to Aemond (Ewan Mitchell) than her husband, Aegon (Tom Glynn-Carney). Helaena admits Aegon’s disinterest in her, and as a toddler, Aemond seemingly had a crush on his sister (or on the very least was extra keen to marry her than Aegon was). Followers of this idea have discovered small crumbs of proof all through the collection, however none is conclusive. This idea is not inconceivable, however it doubtless will not come into play. Realistically, how may anybody inform the youngsters aren’t Aegon’s? Even when they regarded like Aemond, it might be simple to excuse since he’s the sibling to each their mother and father. The Targaryen gene pool is simply too small for it to matter. Nevertheless, Helaena’s youngsters being bastards could be an ironic parallel to Rhaenyra’s (Emma D’Arcy) “sturdy boys.”

Criston Cole is Jacaerys’ Father

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Talking of Rhaenyra’s youngsters, their parentage appears up for debate too. Rhaenyra’s sons from her first marriage to Laenor Velaryon (John Macmillan) are broadly believed to be bastards as a result of they give the impression of being nothing like Laenor. In-universe, the hypothesis is that they’re the sons of Harwin Sturdy (Ryan Corr), however some followers produce other concepts. In Episode 4, “King of the Slender Sea,” Rhaenyra has intercourse with Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel). Rhaenyra is given moon tea, however she is not proven consuming it. Some say this might have been the conception of Rhaenyra’s oldest son, Jacaerys (Harry Collett). What this idea forgets is the timing. Jace is launched after a ten-year time soar, however he’s solely round 7 or 8 years previous. That places his conception in the course of the time soar and in the course of the time that’s not proven. Rhaenyra and Cole’s relationship blew up nearly instantly. It would not make sense for them to proceed on in the course of the hole, seeing how a lot Cole dislikes Rhaenyra after she rejects his proposal to run away.

The opposite challenge is the being pregnant. Cole and Rhaenyra’s relationship (if you happen to can name it that) wasn’t simply earlier than her wedding ceremony. It occurred earlier than she was engaged. The time it takes to plan the royal wedding ceremony would make it onerous to hide a being pregnant. The friends embrace Gerold Royce (Owen Oakeshott) from the Vale and Lord Hobert Hightower (Steffan Rhodri) from Oldtown, who would wish the time to get an invite and journey. Rhaenyra would wrestle to persuade the world that Jace was conceived after her wedding ceremony, that, and him not trying like Laenor, would make his illegitimacy inconceivable to disclaim, even for Viserys (Paddy Considine). The actual fact is, Jace seems like his brothers, who’re Harwin’s sons, so it makes extra sense for Jace to be a Sturdy as properly.

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Larys is a Greenseer and Warg

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This one is 2 theories, however they’re so related that they go hand in hand. Larys Sturdy (Mathew Needham) is conscious of everybody’s secrets and techniques. His clubfoot makes him invisible, so he can simply hearken to what others don’t desire him to listen to. Larys is a grasp manipulator, who does not hesitate to drag the strings of highly effective folks. However the query is, how does Larys know every part? His weaponize info is harking back to Bloodraven, or the three-eyed crow who teaches Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) to make use of his powers. Bloodraven comes into play generations after Home of the Dragon. He gathered info by his powers to govern the folks round him. Larys may very well be doing one thing related, utilizing the weirwood timber to observe folks. His nature could be to make use of his capability secretly and spy on these across the fort.

If you happen to imagine that he may very well be a greenseer, then perhaps you possibly can make one other soar. Larys may very well be a warg. It might be doable for him to be each, like Bran. Due to lingering pictures of rats working across the Purple Maintain, some counsel that Larys is the rat, permitting him to spy on the fort’s residents extra simply. It matches his character and could be an fascinating connection to Game of Thrones. However loads of spies in Kings Touchdown use non-supernatural strategies, equivalent to Varys (Conleth Hill) or Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen), who share many similarities to Larys. The speculation is mind-blowing however weirdly is smart.

Laenor Will Return as Addam of Hull

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One main adjustments from eorge RR Martin’s novel Hearth & Blood is the destiny of Laenor. Within the ebook, he dies, however the collection exhibits him faking his dying and escaping the Essos. It is an fascinating change. Nevertheless, it presents points. Principally, the truth that Laenor left his dragon, Seasmoke. Within the ebook, Seasmoke is claimed by the dragonseed Addam of Hull, who claims to be Laenor’s bastard son, although many suppose he’s the son of Laenor’s father, Corlys (Steve Toussaint). But when Laenor is alive, can another person declare the dragon? Laenor may die abroad, or he may return as the identical man who claims Seasmoke. Laenor needed a lifetime of journey, and he additionally acknowledged that he could not be the husband Rhaenyra wanted, regardless of their friendship. His faked dying allowed her to remarry and him to be free, however that does not imply he would not return and combat for her. He was affectionate in direction of her sons, which he claimed as his personal.

So current occasions could draw him again to Westeros. He could not return as himself, or Rhaenyra’s new marriage could be questioned. The answer could be to return in disguise. The primary challenge with the speculation is Addam’s brother. Laenor did run away together with his lover, who may very well be Alyn, although he and Laenor do not look alike. Alyn additionally claims a dragon, which limits the candidates. Laenor may have met somebody new in Essos, who tags alongside, posing as his brother, however it might require inventive explanations. Perhaps Alyn is a Velaryon bastard, who Corlys introduces to Laenor for the ruse. The opposite drawback is age. To say to be his personal son Laenor must lie about his age, however the thought is throughout the realm of risk.

Rhaena Disguises Herself as Nettles

Phoebe Campbell as Rhaena Targaryen in House of the Dragon
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One other idea surrounding the dragonseed characters facilities on Daemon’s (Matt Smith) daughter, Rhaena (Pheobe Campbell). Rhaena has no dragon however desperately desires one. When Daemon discusses the unclaimed dragons, the display screen cuts to Rhaena’s intrigued face, seemingly implying her intent to assert one. However, if the present follows Hearth & Blood, that’s not the case. Followers prompt that Rhaena may declare Sheepstealer as an alternative of the mysterious character, Nettles. Daemon and Nettles have an in depth relationship, most frequently described as lovers, however one account in Hearth & Blood suggests Nettles is likely to be Daemon’s bastard daughter. Nettles’ lack of Valyrian options may very well be defined by the disguise. However why could not Rhaena declare the dragon as herself? Sure, claiming a dragon is harmful, however with extra Targaryen blood than many of the dragonseed, Rhaena is one of the best candidate the Blacks have. And nobody would cease her from preventing on dragonback, like her sister, Baela (Bethany Antonia) and grandmother, Rhaenys (Eve Greatest).

In reality, not disguising herself would profit her, as Rhaenyra does not belief the dragonseed. Reasonably than Rhaena being Nettles, she may take a few of her plots whereas the character is lower. Or Rhaena may declare a unique dragon. Whereas it’s unlikely that Rhaena will disguise herself, because it serves no goal and will confuse informal watchers, Rhaena will doubtless declare a dragon. Most of the adjustments for the present have been so as to add energy and company to feminine characters, like Laena’s (Nanna Blondell) dying. This transformation would do the identical.

Alicent Turns into Melisandre


Some theories try to attach the present Hearth & Blood, whereas others give attention to the tie-ins with Sport of Thrones. Whereas Home of the Dragon is greater than 100 years earlier than the unique collection, just a few characters may seem, one being Melisandre (Carice van Houten), the Purple Witch. Some followers theorize that Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cooke) will finally change into Melisandre. The concept is that Alicent will determine what Viserys’ final phrases actually meant, which can change into her driving drive. Melisandre spends Sport of Thrones satisfied that Stanis (Stephen Dillane) is the “prince that was promised.” It is an unlikely idea. The truth that Melisandre is alive does not imply she must be a predominant character and even seem within the collection. One other is that Melisandre is from Asshai, whereas Alicent is from Oldtown. One other drawback with the speculation is how devoted Alicent is to the religion of the Seven, whereas Melisandre is a priestess of the Lord of Mild. 100 years may change an individual, however it’s a big soar. The 2 don’t have anything in frequent besides hair shade, which is used as proof for the speculation.

Daemon is the Night time King

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No idea will be crazier than this. The concept Daemon Targaryen is the Night time King relies on 4 issues. First, the Night time King is immune to fireplace. Like prophetic goals, not all Targaryens have this reward, however some do, together with Daenerys (Emilia Clarke). And the Night time King’s resistance to fireplace is clearly about genetics and never that he’s a magical being with cold-based powers. The second argument is that the Night time King rides a dragon, which once more definitely has no connection to him being magical. Third, Daemon’s garments look just like the Night time King. And eventually, in Hearth & Blood, Daemon’s physique isn’t recovered. Followers of the speculation additionally cite Home of the Dragon‘s makes an attempt to connect with Sport of Thrones, however this could not be the way in which to do it. The Wall was inbuilt response to the white walker risk a whole lot of years earlier than Home of the Dragon. And the Night time King’s creation was proven in Sport of Thrones, so he is undoubtedly not Daemon. Daemon’s potential survival may result in loads of enjoyable theories, all extra doable than this.