Marvel Teases the Return of the Punisher…However ‘Who’s the Punisher’?

Marvel launched a teaser immediately hinting at a brand-new Punisher, with a Rod Reis piece of promotional artwork merely asking, “Who’s the Punisher?” This new Punisher determine has one other model of the Punisher’s well-known cranium emblem that has precipitated Marvel some controversy lately.

Frank Fort appeared like he was executed with the Punisher title on the finish of his final collection, so it might seem as if it is a brand-new character taking over the mantle of the Punisher. Or has Frank Fort reclaimed the title? Marvel will reveal all the solutions very quickly at Comedian-Con Worldwide at San Diego.

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The place did we final see the Punisher?

A mysterious new Punisher arrives, or is it still Frank Castle?

On the finish of the current Jason Aaron, Jesús Saíz and Paul Azaceta Punisher collection, the Punisher had been given mystical powers by “The Blessing of the Beast” because the Highslayer of The Hand, with a brand new emblem denoting his new, mystical stature. A part of the deal for him to tackle this function was for his useless spouse, Maria, to be returned to the land of the residing. Nevertheless, on the finish of the collection, Maria was disgusted by the Punisher’s actions within the title of her unique dying, and tried to kill him. She failed, however she nonetheless divorced him (and did not inform him about the truth that she was pregnant).

Physician Unusual saved the Punisher’s life, however after dropping his Beast-given powers, the Punisher seemingly destroyed himself, leaving Unusual to notice, “He’s now not inside this airplane of existence,” including, “The Punisher is not any extra.” In actuality, Frank Fort confirmed up on the magical dimension generally known as Weirdworld, and he begins to assist some orphans there, telling them that his title is solely “Frank.” Thus, it appeared that the Punisher, as Unusual notes, really was no extra.

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Nevertheless, clearly with the Punisher again, it stays to be seen whether or not Frank Fort returned to the function or whether or not it is a new particular person behind the armor, wielding these futuristic-looking weapons. It’s value noting that this new (or returning) Punisher does not use the Hand-version of the Punisher’s cranium emblem, however nonetheless does use a distinct cranium emblem than the well-known one which the Punisher had been utilizing for 50 years since debuting in Superb Spider-Man #129.

Marvel has had some issues with Punisher’s emblem lately because it has bizarrely turn out to be a preferred emblem for troopers and cops. Naturally, seeing a murderous vigilante’s emblem turn out to be a preferred police image has been an odd scenario for Marvel, and it appeared to reply by the Punisher altering his emblem to the Hand-version, and now the brand new Punisher additionally has a distinct emblem design. We’ll quickly discover out whether or not it’s Frank selecting a brand new design after getting back from Weirdworld, or if a brand new character has taken over and combined issues up.

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