Mitchell Kehe at Weiss Falk

Mitchell Kehe’s newest exhibition “The distinction between constructing and development,” held at 15 Orient and hosted by Weiss Falk, is an evocative phenomenological exploration of the self that conjures each anatomical and summary bodily methods. The present examines each the somatic and the psychological, indicating types of concealment past what meets the bare eye.

Upon entry, viewers are met by a custom-made gentle column illuminating the semitransparent material floor of Untitled 10, 2023, that includes Kehe’s signature cryptic, amoeboid motif.  Close by, a mauve canvas studded with mushroom-like felt objects is paired with a diagrammatic portray of a liver. Within the rooms that comply with, work seem to shapeshift, signaling buildings present process change. The identical organ is variously portrayed from above, as a cross-section, and positioned beneath a bulbous cloud of softened purple or blue. Extra knobby, felt-and-rubber assemblages are additionally on view, however the intentional use of low lighting creates a shadowy smoke-screen impact, hindering a transparent view.

Throughout the exhibition, Kehe subjugates supplies and places them to make use of. His unconventional utility of canvas and see-through artificial material relays transparency, repetition, and aggregation. These evanescent qualities are complemented by prefabricated wall-sconces put in in every room of the gallery. The sensation is heat, exuding an uncanny glow. Kehe’s work brims with a thriller attuned to life at its internal core. In case you squint, the metaphor bleeds to the highest, conveying the sense of a fancy entire.