Mr. Freeze Unveils a New, Disturbingly Grotesque Secret Lair

Freeze’s new lair, revealed in Detective Comics #1067, is stuffed with a plethora of eerie frozen statues devoted to the girl he as soon as beloved.

The next article accommodates spoilers from Detective Comics #1067, on sale now.

Mr. Freeze’s secret base beneath Gotham Metropolis is revealed in Detective Comics #1067, and it’s stuffed with eerie frozen sculptures devoted to his former spouse, Nora Fries.

Dubbed his “Kingdom of Chilly,” Freeze’s hideout is hidden away from prying eyes. Batman awakens within the lair after an intense battle with one of many Oghrams, an historic household of shapeshifters with supernatural powers who’re slowly taking on Gotham Metropolis.

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Mr Freeze's so-called Kingdom of Cold

In a uncommon second of camaraderie, Freeze shares with Batman data on Azmers, demons that the Oghrams have utilized to attain their objectives. When Batman asks Freeze why he is chosen to be useful, the cold-hearted villain responds, “I used to suppose you and I have been very totally different, as soon as. After I was attempting to avoid wasting Nora and also you stored getting in the best way. However now…Nora’s gone. She would not want me. She says she by no means did. And right here I stand, toiling every evening, constructing statues to the reminiscence of a lady nonetheless frozen someplace within me. I see you now. I perceive. The Darkish Knight who battles every evening to protect his harmless imaginative and prescient of this damaged metropolis. Gotham is your Nora…is not she?”

Victor and Nora Fries: A Love Colder Than Ice

For years, Mr. Freeze — initially generally known as Victor Fries — was outlined by his dedication to Nora, his love who suffered from a debilitating sickness. After cryogenically freezing her, Mr. Freeze turned to crime to fund analysis into curing her situation, making him one in every of Batman’s extra sympathetic villains.

This modified in 2019 when Nora was lastly revived and unexpectedly took to her husband’s lifetime of villainy, becoming a member of him as Mrs. Freeze. Detective Comics #1015 confirmed a rift between the couple as Nora revealed that she loved the ability that crime gave her. In the meantime, crime was merely a way to an finish for Victor, who hoped to at some point retire and stop his unlawful actions. The 2 parted methods after this argument, and Freeze unexpectedly allied with Batman to deliver his former lover to justice.

Detective Comics #1067 is written by Ram V, penciled by Ivan Reis, inked by Danny Miki, coloured by Dave Stewart, lettered by Ariana Maher and options covers by Evan Cagle, Colleen Doran, Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair. The problem is on sale now from DC.

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