Neglect ‘Cocaine Bear’ Right here Comes a ‘Meth Gator’ Film

2023 is a hell of a rush.

It has already given us a film a few bear that takes cocaine. (Referred to as, considerably appropriately, Cocaine Bear.) Towards all odds, Cocaine Bear has simply develop into one of many yr’s first shock hits on the field workplace, grossing a formidable $23.1 million in its opening weekend. (You understand what you should buy with $23.1 million? Me neither.)

Properly, that form of success will get individuals’s consideration — particularly the makers of “mockbusters” over at The Asylum, who specialise in (lovingly) ripping off big-time Hollywood films with lesser stars and smaller budgets. Over the weekend, as Cocaine Bear was getting moviegoers all throughout the nation excessive (on life), The Asylum revealed they have been prepping their very own film a few drug-fueled monster. It’s known as, Assault of the Meth Gator.

Of their tweet saying the movie, they even joked in regards to the Cocaine Bear connection. “Maintain our bear… I imply, beer,” they wrote.

A followup tweet confirmed that, sure, it is a actual film (effectively, real-ish. It’s as actual as an Asylum film will get anyway.)

As for the ludicrousness of a movie a few gator on meth, effectively it’s no extra absurd than a film a few bear on cocaine. Each are form of primarily based on true tales. Just some years in the past, there have been studies of a Tennessee city warning residents to not flush their medication (and significantly their meth) down the bathroom, lest the medication get into the water provide and make their method to some unsuspecting gator, thus making a manic killer croc. Right here’s a Time Journal video on the story:

That’s greater than sufficient of a premise for a Meth Gator film — and for the inevitable crossover sequel, Cocaine Bear vs. Meth Gator. However then what do you do for the threequel? I personally want to see an Ecstasy Sloth; I feel that has a number of comedic potential.

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