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Are you in search of a superb snigger? Look no additional than this assortment of hilarious physics jokes! Whether or not you’re a Critical Scientist, an Formidable Astronaut, or just somebody in quest of amusing, this submit is bound to have one thing that tickles your humorous bone.

From quips about quantum mechanics to puns about protons, you’re certain to discover a joke that can make you chuckle!

Take pleasure in!

  1. Did you hear concerning the neutron who was arrested? He was launched with out cost.
  2. What did one electron say to the opposite electron? Don’t get excited. You’ll solely get right into a state!
  3. What did one photon say to the opposite photon? I’m sick and bored with your interference.
  4. What’s a physicist’s favourite snack? Fig Newtons
  5. Why does hamburger have decrease vitality than steak? As a result of it’s within the floor state.
  6. What number of theoretical physicists does it take to alter a light-weight bulb? Two. One to carry the bulb and one to rotate the universe.
  7. What do you name a glass robotic that’s good at physics? A brand new-clear physicist.
  8. What automobile model are pysicists notably keen on? Volts-wagen.
  9. What is healthier than a physics joke? A meta physics joke.
  10. What did the Nuclear Physicist have for lunch? Fission Chips.
  11. What did Donald Duck say in his graduate physics class? Quark, quark, quark!
  12. What’s the identify of the primary electrical energy detective? Sherlock Ohms
  13. What’s probably the most terrifying phrase in nuclear physics? Oops.
  14. Why does a burger have much less vitality than a steak? As a result of it’s in its floor state.
  15. Why was Heisenberg’s spouse sad? As a result of every time he had the vitality, he didn’t have the time.
  16. What do you name somebody who steals vitality from the museum? A Joule thief!
  17. Why can’t you belief an atom? They make up every thing.
  18. What does E = mc2 imply? Vitality = milk chocolate squared
  19. Why do physics professors desire chubby college students? They’ve better potential.
  20. The place does unhealthy gentle find yourself? In prism.
  21. Why is it greatest to show physics on the sting of a cliff? As a result of that’s the place college students have probably the most potential.
  22. Why is quantum mechanics the unique “unique hipster”? It described the universe earlier than it was cool.
  23. Did you hear concerning the physicist who was studying an important guide on anti-gravity? He couldn’t put it down.
  24. How do you inform the distinction between science experiments? If it’s inexperienced and wiggles, it’s biology. If it stinks, it’s chemistry. If it doesn’t work, it’s physics.
  25. My physics trainer requested, “So why is v-naught 0? ”I replied, “y-naught?”
  26. What do physicists take pleasure in doing probably the most at sporting occasions? The Wave
  27. Two kittens are on a roof. Which one falls off first? The one with the bottom mew.
  28. Why is electrical energy a really perfect citizen? As a result of it conducts itself so effectively.
  29. What did the male magnet say to the feminine magnet? Seeing you from the again, I believed you had been repulsive. However seeing you from the entrance, I discover you moderately enticing.
  30. Why did the white bear dissolve in water? As a result of it was polar!
  31. What’s blue and smells like crimson paint? Crimson paint shifting very quick in the direction of you.
  32. Why do quantum physicists make unhealthy lovers? As a result of after they discover the place, they’ll’t discover the momentum, and after they have the momentum, they’ll’t discover the place
  33. What number of physicists does it take to alter a light-weight bulb? Eleven. One to do it and ten to co-author the paper.
  34. What did the quantum physicist say earlier than the bar struggle? Let me atom!
  35. How does a uranium-238 nucleus say goodbye? Gotta break up!
  36. Have you ever heard of the physicist who obtained chilled to absolute zero.He’s 0K now.
  37. What’s the distinction between a quantum theorist and a magnificence therapist? The quantum theorist makes use of Planck’s Fixed as a basis, whereas the sweetness therapist makes use of Max Issue.
  38. What did one photon say to a different photon? I’m actually sick and bored with your interference.
  39. What occurs when electrons lose their vitality? They get Bohr’ed.
  40. What do you name 1 kilogram of falling figs? 1 Fig Newton.
  41. What number of astronomers does it take to alter a light-weight bulb? None, astronomers desire the darkish.
  42. Which books are the toughest to pressure your self to learn via? Friction books.
  43. Did you hear concerning the bi-curious physicist? She carried out a double-slit experiment.
  44. Why did the chemist cool himself to -273.15˚C? He needed to really feel 0k?
  45. And which books are the simplest to pressure your self to learn via? Non-friction books.
  46. What’s an astronomical unit? One hell of a giant residence.
  47. What do physicists take pleasure in doing probably the most at baseball video games? The wave.
  48. What do you name scientists who love to check gasoline legal guidelines by ingesting soda? Fizz-icists.
  49. Why received’t Heisenbergs’ operators reside within the suburbs? As a result of they don’t commute.
  50. What do you get while you cross a hen with a turkey? |hen|×|turkey|sinθ.
  51. Why must you go ingesting with neutrons? Wherever they go, there’s no cost.
  52. Heisenberg went for a drive and obtained stopped by a visitors cop. The cop requested, “Have you learnt how briskly you had been going?” Heisenberg replied, “No, however I do know the place I’m.”
  53. A photon checks right into a lodge. The entrance desk asks “Do you want assist together with your baggage? ”The photon replies, “I don’t have any. I’m travelling gentle.”
  54. “I used to be finding out frequency in my physics class. Now my mind Hertz.”
  55. My son cheated on his physics check, and he has no thought how a lot hassle he’s in.He doesn’t perceive the gravity of the scenario.
  56. A Higgs Boson walks into church. The priest says, “You may’t are available right here, we don’t permit Higgs Bosons.” The Higgs Boson says, “However with out me, how will you have mass?”
  57. A gaggle of rich buyers needed to have the ability to predict the result of a horse race. So that they employed a gaggle of biologists, a gaggle of statisticians, and a gaggle of physicists. Every group was given a 12 months to analysis the difficulty. After one 12 months, the teams all reported to the buyers. The biologists stated that they might genetically engineer an unbeatable racehorse, however it could take 200 years and $100bn. The statisticians reported subsequent. They stated that they might predict the result of any race, at a value of $100m per race, and they might solely be proper 10% of the time. Lastly, the physicists reported that they might additionally predict the result of any race and that their course of was low-cost and easy. The buyers listened eagerly to this proposal. The top physicist reported, “We have now made a number of simplifying assumptions: first, let every horse be an ideal rolling sphere…”
  58. Why did Werner Heisenberg detest driving vehicles? As a result of, each time he regarded on the speedometer he obtained misplaced!
  59. The 2 physics academics aren’t talking. Guess there’s lots of friction between them.
  60. Throughout spring break, physics college students love going browsing to catch the waves.
  61. Renee Descartes walks right into a bar. The bartender asks, “Sir, can I get you a Martini?” Descartes says, “I don’t suppose…” and he disappears.
  62. Why did Erwin Schrödinger, Paul Dirac and Wolfgang Pauli work in very small garages? As a result of they had been quantum mechanics.
  63. What a physicist hears when he watches Star Wars:”Could the mass occasions acceleration be with you!”
  64. “I’ve a brand new concept on inertia, however it doesn’t appear to be gaining momentum.”
  65. How had been three graduate physics college students capable of demonstrated {that a} human might journey quicker than gentle? The three college students went to a retailer and purchased a cease watch and a candle. Then, they proceeded to a highschool observe subject. The primary scholar lit the candle and started to stroll across the observe. The second scholar waited some time after which ran after the primary scholar. The third scholar labored the cease watch as a result of physics experiments require exact measurements. When the second scholar rounded the observe and got here in first, the three college students concluded that people might journey quicker than gentle.
  66. Physicists by no means put on black socks. They’re afraid of getting black gap.
  67. What’s Albert Einstein’s rapper identify? MC Squared.
  68. A physics professor all the time made his class sit on the sting of a cliff whereas they studied. He stated that was the place that they had most potential.
  69. What did Issac Newton’s mom say to him after his discovery? Did you wash that apple earlier than consuming it?
  70. Why can’t you are taking electrical energy to a social outing? As a result of it doesn’t know learn how to conduct itself.
  71. Did you hear they came upon who invented string concept? Seems it was an precise cat.
  72. There’s a method in theoretical physics that fashions advanced programs as spherical cows. The Your Mother method.
  73. Why had been the scholars shocked after they discovered a few Time Journey seminar? The pamphlet stated that the seminar on Time Journey can be held two weeks in the past.
  74. A subatomic particle sat pulling faces on the wall. It was an odd quark.
  75. Why is a physics guide all the time sad? As a result of it has lots of issues.
  76. How did Stephen Hawking get away from an explosion? Esc key.
  77. What did the pirates do to prisoners who had been good at Physics? They made the physicists stroll the Planck.
  78. Why is it so onerous to get up within the morning? That’s due to Newton’s First Regulation – A physique at relaxation desires to remain at relaxation.
  79. What was Schrödinger’s concept about Good Friday? … So long as the tomb is closed. Jesus is each alive and useless.
  80. What did Archimedes’s mom say to him after his discovery? Have you ever misplaced it operating round Syracuse streets bare? And who is that this woman Eureka?
  81. What’s the distinction between chemistry jokes and physics jokes? Chemistry jokes might be humorous periodically, however physics jokes have extra potential.
  82. What’s a Physicist’s favourite Netflix present? It’s that new Taylor sequence.
  83. Why do individuals hate gravity? Its all the time pulling them down.
  84. What did Michael Faraday’s mom say to him after his invention of the cage? Son, all that is fancy however might we reside inside it? Simply to be secure you realize!
  85. What would you name a boy band of Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla? AC/DC.
  86. Why did James Maxwell watch a lot TV? To maintain up with present occasions.
  87. What’s a Physicist’s favourite sitcom? Huge Bang Concept.
  88. What did Marie Curie’s husband say to her? Honey, every single day you look extra radiant.
  89. What’s a physicist’s favourite sweet? E&M.
  90. Why did the Physicist change to metropolis water? He obtained uninterested in constructing an infinite sq. effectively.
  91. Why did Oppenheimer give you the thought for the atomic bomb? He needed the world to have a blast.
  92. What did Pascal’s pal say to him when he persuaded him to go to his lab? Man, that’s lots of stress coming from 1 pascal.
  93. What sort of recommendation did Ohm’s dying uncle give him? “With nice energy comes nice present squared occasions resistance.”
  94. Why was Schrödinger’s cat depressed? Since nobody got here to her funeral/birthday celebration.
  95. What would physicist Rudolf Clausius identify his personal day by day newspaper? The Unsure Occasions.
  96. Optical engineer to optics vendor: Do you make aspheric optics? Sleazy optics Vendor: Definitely! On a regular basis!
  97. Why did the restaurant at Huntsville didn’t add a ten per cent service cost? It was owned by a neutron.
  98. Why is the black gap the ultimate state for a star? As a result of when you go black, you by no means return.
  99. How did I do know I used to be going to be a Theoretical Physicist? My father instructed me that I used to be rising up a Feynman.
  100. How did the black gap slim down? It ate gentle.
  101. Why are the round movement issues powerful in Physics? They throw the solvers for a loop.

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