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Welcome to our listing of pizza jokes! Take a break and luxuriate in a great snicker with these hilarious one-liners and puns about everybody’s favourite meals. Whether or not you want basic Margherita, deep dish Chicago fashion, or one thing actually off the wall, we’ve acquired some humorous jokes for all types of pizza lovers. So seize your slice and prepare to giggle!

  1. Why did the person reduce his pizza with a smartphone? It’s leading edge know-how.
  2. What did the pizza say when it went out on a date? “I by no means sausage a fantastic face.”
  3. What do Mexicans use to chop pizzas? Little Ceasers
  4. What do you name a pretend pizza? A pepperphony pizza
  5. How do you repair a damaged pizza? With tomato paste.
  6. Do you wish to hear a joke about pizza? By no means thoughts, it’s means too tacky.
  7. What’s a pizza maker’s favourite tune? “Slice, Slice Child.”
  8. What did one indignant pizza say to the opposite? You desire a piece of me?
  9. What did the pepperoni on the pizza say to the mushroom on the pizza? Slice to meat you.
  10. What do you name a sleepy father who acquired pizza for his youngsters? Papa Yawns.
  11. What are you if can’t determine what sort of pizza to get? You’re indeSLICEsive.
  12. What’s the distinction between a musician and a pizza? One can feed a household.
  13. What does Dr Who eat with their pizza? Dalek bread.
  14. What sort of particular person doesn’t love pizza? Weir-dough.
  15. What does a pizza supply boy and a gynecologist have in widespread? They each can scent it however they can not eat it.
  16. What did the pizza say to the chef when it was thrown onto the pizza? You don’t pepper-own me.
  17. What does a pizza put on to scent good? Calzogne.
  18. What do you name a sleeping pizza? PiZZZZZZa.
  19. What’s the distinction between a great pizza joke and a foul one? The supply.
  20. Who’s the pizza savior? Cheesus Crust
  21. Why does the mushroom all the time get invited to pizza events? As a result of he’s such a fungi.
  22. Why was the well-known pizza involved? It was adopted by a pepperazzi.
  23. Why was the pizzeria determined for enterprise? As a result of they kneaded the dough.
  24. What’s Physician Unusual’s favourite pizza? Sorcerer’s Supreme
  25. What’s the distinction between pizza and pizza jokes? Pizza jokes can’t be topped.
  26. Each overcooked a Hawaiian pizza? Ought to have put it on aloha temperature.
  27. What would pizza say if it was able to speaking? Quite a lot of tacky issues, in all probability.
  28. What did the child say after consuming a frozen pizza? Nicely, that wasn’t very thawed out.
  29. What’s a morticians spouse and pizza have in widespread? Chilly leftovers
  30. What do Homer Simpson and pizza have in widespread? Doh.
  31. The place do pepperonis go on trip? The Leaning Tower of Pizza.
  32. What’s the identify of canine’ favourite pizza? Pupper-runi pizza.
  33. What did the Dalai Lama say when he walked right into a pizza parlor? He says, “Make me one with the whole lot.”
  34. Why was the pizza man so unhealthy at telling jokes? As a result of he all the time tousled the supply.
  35. What’s the distinction between a foolish particular person and a pizza? The primary one is straightforward to cheat and the second is tacky to eat.
  36. If pizza may speak, what wouldn’t it say? Most likely plenty of tacky issues.
  37. What dimension of pizza is essentially the most non secular? A medium.
  38. What sort of cheese do canine like to have on their pizzas? Mutt-zarella.
  39. What did the pizza slicer say when he wished to rob the pizza? “Hand over the dough or I’ll reduce you!”
  40. What’s one thing {that a} burnt pizza, frozen beer, and pregnant girl share? Anyone forgot to drag it out on the proper time.
  41. Why did Jabba win the pizza contest? As a result of nobody outpizzas the Hutt.
  42. What do anchovies, pineapples, and dominoes have in widespread? They wreck pizza.
  43. What’s pizza’s favourite Hollywood film? Pie Onerous.
  44. What do pizzas say to specific love? Olive you.
  45. Did you hear concerning the Italian chef with the terminal sickness? He pastaway. Now he’s only a pizza historical past.
  46. What’s hairdressers’ favourite sort of pizza? Perm-asan.
  47. Why did the hipster burn his mouth whereas consuming his pizza? He ate it means earlier than it was cool.
  48. Why was the pizza ringing? It had some bell peppers on it.
  49. What did parmesan say when it broke up with mozzarella? I’m sorry, I’m too mature for you.
  50. Wanna know why the toppings squeezed collectively on a pizza? As a result of there was no mush-room.
  51. What does an anteater like on its pizza? Ant-chovies.
  52. How do you make a musician’s automobile extra aerodynamic? Take the pizza log out the highest.
  53. What do a pizza supply particular person and a comic have in widespread? They’ve the correct stuff however generally they get the supply mistaken.
  54. What’s one thing that pizza supply guys and gynecologists have in widespread? You’ll be able to scent it however you may’t eat it.
  55. Why do eating places put pizza in sq. bins? As a result of they don’t reduce corners.
  56. How does Previous King Wenceslas like his pizza? Deep and Crisp and Even
  57. The place do Pharaohs wish to eat? Pizza Tut.
  58. Ladies put on fragrance to scent good. And pizzas put on what? Calzone!
  59. What did the pizza maker say earlier than robbing a financial institution? “I’ll love making pizza, however I actually knead the dough.”
  60. What sort of pizza did the dual towers order? Plain
  61. Why was the pizza chef blissful after they didn’t must work? That they had extra thyme to spend with their youngsters.
  62. What’s the identify of a machine that may wreck any pizza? A microwave.
  63. What do you name it when somebody spreads germs all around the pizza? Little Sneezers.
  64. Did you hear concerning the lobster that acquired a job at pizza hut? He’s working within the crust station.
  65. Why did Dracula run out of the pizza restaurant? Somebody put garlic on his pizza dough.
  66. What’s one thing that a complete pizza can do however half pizza can’t? Trying round.
  67. What did the pastry chef say when the pizza chef requested him for assist? “I cannoli achieve this a lot.”
  68. Why are Dubstep musicians so unhealthy at making pizza? As a result of they all the time drop the bottom!
  69. What do carpenters like to placed on their pizzas? Noticed-sages.
  70. Why do folks like making lasagna from scratch at residence? It’s just about a pizza cake.
  71. Why was the pizza store continually vandalised? It was owned by Germans
  72. Why may the skunk not name for pizza? His telephone was out of odour.
  73. What does a pizza say when it’s afraid? Fold me shut.
  74. When does a grasp pizzaiolo (pizza maker) share his secret pizza recipes? On a knead-to-know foundation!
  75. Why aren’t pizza cooks allowed to play baseball? They’re all the time attempting to steal basil!
  76. What did the instructor say concerning the pizza scholar? There’s mushroom for enchancment!
  77. Why did the person get an excellent spicy pizza? The waiter thought he ordered a “pepper-only” pizza.
  78. What do you name pizza that’s good on your tooth? Stuffed-Crest pizza.
  79. What do you name an individual who can’t determine what sort of pizza to order? Inde-slice-ve.
  80. What do you name a pizza maker who’s reached the highest of his recreation? An aficiona-dough!
  81. What did the pizza say to everybody when the social gathering got here to an finish? Good pie, everybody.
  82. What does a pizza like to do in its spare time? Go slice-skating.
  83. What do you name a villainous pizza? A pizza work!
  84. Why did Pizza Hut cease making pizza deliveries to the ghetto? As a result of they have been advised that Dominos have been all the time getting performed!
  85. How are you aware your in love? In the event that they steal a pizza your coronary heart!
  86. Why does consuming pizzas make you sleepy? As a result of with all of that pizza and mozzarella, you’re certain to catch some zs!
  87. What sort of jokes do pizza followers like finest? Ones with further cheese!
  88. What did Lionel Messi say when he walked right into a pizza parlour? Make it fast like my objectives.
  89. How do pizzas really feel after being topped with a contemporary layer of cheese? They really feel grate!
  90. What’s pizza’s favorite Hollywood film? Pie Onerous.
  91. How do you sleep after consuming a complete pizza? Very pizza-fully!
  92. What does a pizza wish to eat for dessert? A slice of pudding.
  93. Why was the pizza so assured? He was feeling saucy!
  94. What do you name a crab consuming a pizza? A crust-acean!
  95. What’s the neatest thing to place in a pizza? Tooth.
  96. What does an aardvark like on its pizza? Ant-chovies.
  97. What did the supply man say when he was caught taking a nap with an empty pizza field on his lap? “At yeast, let me clarify!”
  98. How do you get the school grad off your entrance porch? Pay for the pizza!
  99. How do pizzas get to work? Rapidly!
  100. What do you name it when pizza offers you the runs? Pizzeria.
  101. Why did the person quit on making pizza jokes? As a result of he couldn’t prime his pizza jokes!
  102. What occurred when the pizza labored out for the primary time in ages? He pulled a ham-string!
  103. What occurred when the pizza parlor tousled the shopper’s order? The shopper ended up with a pepper-only pizza as a substitute of a pepperoni pizza!
  104. What do you name a pizza with no toppings or cheese? Bare!
  105. What do the Peace Corps and all youngsters really need? They each need peace and pizza!
  106. What did the motivational poster above the pizza makers station say? Cheese the day!
  107. What did the pizza supply man say when he give up his job? I’m leaven’!
  108. What occurred when the pizza’s girlfriend broke his coronary heart? He was reduce and fell aside into eight items of pizza!
  109. What train do pizzas do to prepare for his or her day? They get stretched!
  110. What occurs to pizza? It’s right here in the present day, gone tomato!
  111. How a lot do you have to tip a pizza supply man? At yeast a couple of {dollars}!
  112. A mummified macaroni pizza was uncovered in Italy in the present day.The person who uncovered it says “It’s a pizza of our pasta.”
  113. What do you get if you cross a historic portray with a pizza? Mona Pizza!

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