Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teases Tea-Associated Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is teasing a tea-related reveal on August twenty second.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet might be introducing a brand new Pokemon associated to tea within the close to future. This week on the Pokemon Worlds Championships, The Pokemon Firm handled attending media and influencers to a standard tea ceremony and gave ComicBook.com and others a standard Japanese tea set in a field with the date August 22, 2023 on it. Whereas The Pokemon Firm had no touch upon what can be revealed on the date, the favored idea is that the sport would reveal both a brand new Sinistea evolution rooted within the custom of Japanese tea or maybe a brand new Polteageist type. 

A earlier leak concerning the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC – The Teal Masks indicated that there can be two “convergent” Pokemon within the DLC, so many followers consider that the reveal might be tied to a Pokemon that resembles Sinistea and its advanced type Polteageist, however is not technically associated to these Pokemon, equally to how Toedscool and Wiglett look just like however aren’t associated to Tentacool and Diglett. 

The Teal Masks DLC does appear to tie closely into conventional Japanese themes, with the brand new DLC going down within the Kitakami area. Gamers will expertise a competition within the DLC and encounter a thriller that ties into the mysterious Legendary Pokemon Ogerpon and the brand new Pokemon Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti. Whereas the storyline of The Teal Masks is unclear, we do know that Ogerpon and the opposite Pokemon are closely impressed by the Momotari folks story from Japan. The DLC will even characteristic Dipplin, a brand new evolution of Applin that resembles a candied apple. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s The Teal Masks DLC can be launched on September thirteenth.