The Lantern Colours of Batman’s Sidekicks Aren’t What Followers Will Count on

Batgirl, Oracle and Robin have joined varied Lantern Corps–but not those you would possibly anticipate!

The Lantern colours of Batman’s varied sidekicks, reminiscent of Robin and Batgirl, aren’t what followers anticipate. For the reason that introduction of the Emotional Spectrum throughout Geoff Johns’ epic Inexperienced Lantern run, quite a few heroes, starting from the Flash to Supergirl have wielded varied Lantern rings. A short imaginative and prescient in 2011’s Batgirl #24 reveals which Lantern Corps Batgirl, Robin and Stephanie Brown would belong to–and they aren’t what followers expect in any respect.

The Emotional Spectrum is without doubt one of the primal forces of the DC Universe. It resembles the common coloration spectrum, with every coloration representing a distinct emotional drive; for instance, inexperienced represents willpower, crimson stands for anger and rage and blue is for hope, amongst others. The saga of the multicolored Lantern Corps reached its climax in 2009’s Blackest Evening occasion, throughout which a few of DC’s greatest hitters, such because the Flash, Lex Luthor and Marvel Lady, obtained a Lantern ring, and had been deputized into a distinct Corps. Since then, followers have liked debating over which hero or villain belongs during which Lantern Corps and why–and in Batgirl #24, DC settles the query for sure members of the Bat-Household.


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The difficulty, written by Bryan Q. Miller and illustrated by Père Perez, climaxes with then-Batgirl Stephanie Brown seeing fleeting visions of herself in varied instances and conditions–and in one in all them, Barbara Gordon and Robin (Damian Wayne) have joined the totally different Lantern Corps. Barbara wields a Inexperienced Lantern ring, utilizing it to create an enormous mech swimsuit, together with her because the pilot; Batgirl possesses the facility of the Blue Lanterns–full with a glowing blue workers whereas Robin is a rage-driven Purple Lantern.

Beware the Energy of the Bat-Household

Batgirl Oracle Robin Emotional Spectrum

There was by no means any follow-up to Stephanie’s imaginative and prescient of herself and her pals as varied Lanterns, leaving it only a tantalizing glimpse at what may have been–but the Corps they discovered themselves could also be slightly stunning. Damian Wayne as a Purple Lantern often is the least stunning; at this level in his profession, Damian was nonetheless in “kill-mode,” as he had but to shake off the League of Shadows’ affect. Damian was motivated by anger–it was all he knew rising up, and thus his standing as a Purple Lantern shouldn’t come as a shock. Barbara Gordon could appear to be extra of a shoo-in for the Blue Lanterns, however as an alternative she is a Inexperienced Lantern; Batgirl #24 was revealed one month previous to the New 52 reboot, that means that Barbara Gordon was nonetheless the knowledge dealer Oracle, an alias she assumed after being shot by the Joker. Barbara bounced again and turned what may have been a tragedy right into a triumph–a show of willpower if there ever was one. Lastly, there’s Stephanie Brown, who has been inducted into the hope-driven Blue Lantern Corps. Throughout Stephanie’s stint as Batgirl, she discovered what it meant to be a real hero, below the route of Barbara Gordon. This gave Stephanie a newfound confidence and sense of hope, which made her a pure Blue Lantern.

Whereas Stephanie’s imaginative and prescient of herself as a Blue Lantern was simply that: a imaginative and prescient–but one which spoke to not solely her nature, however that of Robin and Barbara Gordon as nicely. Whereas Batgirl as a Blue Lantern, or Robin as a Purple, could seem a bit jarring at first, the Lantern colours of those Batman sidekicks makes good sense.

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